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Kiki Minaj


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Kiki Minaj

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34 Replies to “FakeTaxi Ebony babe sucks and fucks in taxi”

  1. stuarthiggins says:

    She is so beautiful... I bet her mouth feels amazing, but the sissy in me wishes it was my mouth sucking and deep throating that nice cock.

  2. noppie says:

    She seemed to take in a lot of meat for being vegan

  3. spirit3775 says:

    Weird. Her left tit is deflated.

  4. dangoldkorn says:

    my god that girls got a hot pussy some pussy like that would fuck a man up,

  5. scotthetzel says:

    god cougars

  6. rkknkr says:

    1:56 is Gina Lynn and Amy Reid

  7. charles-vance2 says:


  8. v-m says:

    so she can't breath huh? wtf is wrong with you?

  9. amyloupierce says:

    i just dropped some new merch and it's selling like a god churcH

  10. efrenolguin2 says:

    Dude go to Gamestop not PH

  11. Zerovi says:

    you are looking hot

  12. 463rd_PFA says:


  13. dracocindyr says:

    this is one of those shows that just leavse you guissing and hoping for(is there seconds plz?)

  14. DianeinNM says:

    Damn! I just busted a nut to you! excellent!

  15. JamesSoldner says:

    You are great, love that ur into that.

  16. Rin64 says:

    One of the best I've seen for a while - she's gorgeous and her pussy is exquisite

  17. skypeuseer says:

    Maya Divine

  18. ashwinJ says:

    Whats her name

  19. Sensei_Cp_Cheat says:

    I know that's not exactly the main focus of the video but FFS what is the music used in that ? I searched but couldn't find anything

  20. paintlax21 says:

    que buena esta esta chica quisiera tenerla conmigo

  21. greenesdecks says:

    I think she just might be the most beautiful girl on the internet and damn that sexuality of hers, her skills, her body, her sounds.....I would give my last fuck to that woman.

  22. scott_miall says:

    i wanna fuck that

  23. karengreen83 says:

    that's right but don't you ...?

  24. Archon1701 says:

    Am I the only one that thought the condom was hot?

  25. Verdandi says:

    How can you write "hyperventilating bullshit" and "annoys the fuck out of me" and then "no disrespect"? You are extremely disrespectful! I've never understood why people feel the urge to make comments like that. Sad really. Oh.. and you might be the only person in the entire world who doesn't like how my Wife sounds, breathes and shakes when she's cumming. You probably sound like an Air Raid Siren, SassyWeenie

  26. veniteo says:

    Lucie Lee (aka: Lucy Lee) is a very oral/anal Euro-brunette, check her out in 'Slam It In Her Ass! (Harmony/Evil Angel).

  27. datamicro says:

    he broke the condom in purpose.  I knew he was going to do it because he was trying to fuck her raw from the beginning and then he acts like he didn't know the condom broke.

  28. maravillaaaa says:

    Love this blue lighting on your hot body !

  29. empireforlifexx says:

    Pussy looks like it taste good.

  30. Orito says:

    This cat is booooring... add me on snap to see something real

  31. Elaine says:


  32. sbajaj3913 says:

    really have a prob with this wife, she makes me up too far

  33. Hiccup113 says:

    The penis and the vagina are but tools of superficial pleasure to propagate the species. They are at one time the same tissue but once under the influence of genetics and hormones become the organs of pleasure we now see today. The fluids produced are our mere essence in spirit and fluid. The organs and the fluids can be seen as metaphors for higher bonding among the genders..we see in this video all of this in great detail and I approve. LOL

  34. sharon.54 says:

    You are here for the same thing I am.

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