Laura love island

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14 Replies to “Laura love island”

  1. Waldo120 says:

    Damn, like niggas really bullies, you got to be sweet and tender with these girls.

  2. mike2011 says:

    If a hot chick like that wants to take me to her little secluded spot, I immediatly think I'm gonna get mugged by her gangbanger friends.

  3. meadlegoth says:

    You looked like you really liked it. You're young. This is when you should be taking lots of diff cocks. You can keep your bf just fine but take lots of cocks. Let him fuck a lot of pussy too. Be poly. This is the time to do it. Don't wait until you're like 50 and not as energetic.

  4. zohbugg says:

    a real slut they can actawsome piece

  5. yianyen says:

    Damn she hot. Anyways who down to play ROBLOX tho?

  6. paricontracotr says:

    "lame los huevos!!!!"

  7. eblair says:

    Any body knows about the video at 6:03 and 6:18? Girls in cage.

  8. pianofart says:

    looks fijian. thats a good thing

  9. shark_cz9 says:

    this fucken guy talks to much... Dork !  the girl is Hot

  10. jakehou97 says:

    fucking hot!

  11. jhod119 says:

    my comment made it to tumblr? lol

  12. michaely says:

    Omg yes. Really wish my dad would fuck me like this, he always stops when he knows my mom is going to be home I can just imagine how his cock would feel in my tight little pussy, knowing that my mom is watching us  It actually makes me want to cum so hard

  13. robertf92 says:

    That "Thank you" at 12:10 was really hot.

  14. Elaine says:

    Damn, that's hot. I totally want to film something just like this!

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