Equestrian Brook talking you through jerking off.

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Brooke Logan


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Brooke Logan

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24 Replies to “Equestrian Brook talking you through jerking off.”

  1. KULINKO says:

    no wonder he's in good shape.

  2. Seila123 says:


  3. HouseKoumoray says:

    Very cool video! And she done that was not frightened and confused when there were three other guys. The good slut! I want to be in her place.

  4. amruth.t says:

    Yo "Holed"... who is the Stud?

  5. Kenjikat says:

    Full video?

  6. alexskype8165 says:

    Whose the first women that's featured?

  7. kayless says:

    Marie Washington you're welcome

  8. UniverseKiss says:

    just perfect doggy style!

  9. call.pal says:

    hottest shit i've seen in a long time )_)

  10. Hitekmom777 says:

    Why do these foreign things never get subtitles? I kinda like knowing what gets said in places.

  11. saninmujezin says:

    I want a girl riding me as rough as she does

  12. Encino2013 says:

    meine eier sind auch geil und dick. und, lust auf mehr ;-) ?

  13. baleydk says:


  14. Elaine says:

    Wow! Freaking girl can ride and what a big cock!

  15. AbanoabSaad says:

    What a nice slut

  16. duminator92 says:

    amazing !

  17. GRB237 says:

    Who's that girl at 2:50.? Video link?

  18. bamzekoz says:

    Imagine that moment when you cum, male or female... Doesn't matter... But multiply that feeling x10 and that's what sex is like on it. The orgasm is literally x100, literally almost unbearable. That's why she looks the way she does closer to the end haha. Full body orgasm every thrust, and then nirvana when she cums. There is no word to describe it. Just make sure you get real mdma, mephedrone, or methylone! It doesnt work with half the other synthetics sold as molly.

  19. aamit says:

    what in the actual fuck

  20. vikwest says:

    Black man is hot!

  21. Tundra says:

    Damn. Now that's original Lmao. I've seen grannies with a nicer pussy.

  22. Agnesvonantz says:

    so not what I learned in school about convincing.

  23. sleepysid22 says:

    Wow, that was hot. And what a great set of tits!

  24. ztravis says:

    Hi Faffef ,  very  kinky  video  ,   Clean  sweep  from  me  most defintely.   (Thummmbbbing  up  favourite  and  added  in  no specific  order),   Glorious  body ,   very naughty  goddess ,  superb  erotica  -wwoooffff

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